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Founder and Lead Facilitator

Erin has seven years of experience in professional development design and implementation, fifteen years of informal and formal teaching experience, as well as five years experience as a c-level administrator and small business owner.  She has a Masters degree in Applied Drama, a field which uses interactive and cross-arts based techniques to achieve specific goals with a variety of groups.  She is delighted to have the chance to follow in the tradition of her teachers, and help others become the "most fully themselves in their own lifetime."



Chief Business Consultant​

Andrew serves to ground the Busting Burnout professional development workshops in the latest business practices.  He spent ten years climbing the ladder from marketing manager to President and COO of a San Francisco service industry start-up, and led the growth of the company from 15 core employees to 225 employees and $20,000,000 in sales.   He currently  splits his time between VP of Business Development at a HR software company and as consultant for burgeoning companies and up-and-coming executives.  We are happy to have Andrew keeping our workshops pertinent to the day-to-day struggles of our working communities.



Workshop Design Consultant​

For the past three years, Giverny has helped shape every professional development session Erin Maxon has facilitated.  From assisting 100-person workshops to brainstorming new ideas, Giverny has been integral to the team.  A long-time educator and professional actor, she currently serves as Executive Producer of The New Collectives theatre company in New York City.  

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