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Busting Burnout workshops get you on your feet and working to reinvigorate your connection to your self, your colleagues, and your teaching goals.  Facilitator Erin Maxon uses a mixture of small and large group exercises, cross-arts methods, and physicalized dialogue to deliver transformational results.  Busting Burnout workshops for educators are based on the most modern research on child development and effective education.  Tried and tested, these techniques are immediately applicable to your classroom or educational institution.  


"We're so grateful to Erin and Giverny at Busting Burnout for lending their creative lens and wisdom to help us design our curriculum. They worked with us to create a list of theater-based group activities for young people designed to improve active listening skills, foster creative risk taking, and build empathy. They walked us through ways to adapt each activity to meet the needs of our diverse audiences and age groups. And they offered great suggestions for innovative ways to gather quick feedback from our participants and facilitate student-led positive behavior management. It's so inspiring to learn from and collaborate with such thoughtful artists. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us as we continue to build our program." 

 - Priya Lewis, Director of Evaluation and Learning at the Amani Project), Recipient of Arts Integration Consultation


"I gained so much!  Knowing the different situations and tools to implement those situations really makes the students pro-active beyond the classroom and hopefully, reflect it in their homes and neighborhoods!" ​

-  Participant in our Positive Behavior Management Workshop for the NYC Arts in Education Roundtable's Face to Face Conference 


"I took away many tools, specific tools and ideas!! Too many to list, but exactly what I wanted!" ​

-  Participant in our Positive Behavior Management Workshop for the NYC Arts in Education Roundtable's Face to Face Conference 


"The workshop felt and looked to me like an oportunity to get to know my peers on a deeper level.  And that's exactly what it sounded like happened."

- Lisa, Participant of a Community Building Workshop for KinderCare Education's Redmond School District


"Thanks so much for all your help and a great PD, everyone was so thrilled with the session. Today is the first day of camp and we have already put into place some of the techniques we used."

- Brady Shoemaker, Director of Curriculum, Jacob Burns Film Center



We have several different workshop formats. 

Which one is right for your organization?

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Community Building for Educators
Positive Behavior Management for Arts Educators
Arts Integration Training
  • community building exercises

  • collaboration tools practice

  • cross-arts connection building to organization's purpose

  • training in positive and proactive classroom management

  • case studies and role play

  • tools and activities for immediate take-away

  • drama and arts integration training for non-arts educators

  • tools and activities for immediate take-away

  • continuing mentorship and consultation



Busting Burnout graduates receive continued support!

Online Burnout Check-in Exercises

Free email support with Facilitator Erin Maxon

Access to an Online Community of other Busting Burnout participants




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